The UCSD Library offers a suite of data curation services, including, among others:

  • Assistance creating a Data Management Plan (required by many grant proposals)
  • Consultation on proper metadata tagging and preparing data to be shared
  • Obtaining permanent identifiers for data
  • Data sharing and discovery through the UCSD Library Digital Collections
  • Long-term, secure preservation of archival data

The Library's Research Data Curation program, supported by IDI, is the place to start for information on these services:

Data Management

Effective data management planning promotes successful data collection, use, and sharing, and helps to increase research impact and visibility.  This saves you time, effort and resources throughout the research data life cycle.

Sharing and Discovery

Data documentation and sharing greatly increase the longevity and impact of your research, by making it easier for the wider community to discover and use your data.

Digital Preservation

Digital preservation is a general term for a set of services with one goal: keeping your data safe so that it can be accessed in the future. Beyond the life of a grant or a research project, you need to insure that your data is available for future generations. Ironically, digital data is significantly more transient than traditional information sources such as books, photos, which can easily survive for years, decades or even centuries. Without active management, data decay and disappear at an alarming rate.

Library Digital Collections

The Digital Collections website gathers two categories of content managed by the UC San Diego Library:

UC San Diego Library Digital Collections

UCSD Research Data Collections

Talk to the Library's Research Data Curation program to learn how your data can become a part of the UCSD Research Data Collections.

For general information or to request services, contact