The Carpentries

"The Carpentries teach foundational coding and data science skills to researchers worldwide." 

is Software Carpentry?

Software Carpentry is an international volunteer organization whose mission is to teach researchers basic lab computing skills that result in more productivity and higher reliability. Short, intense workshops are designed to help scientists work more efficiently on their research without being bogged down with the software. Of the three Carpentries, Software was the first adopted at UC San Diego and workshops have been widely received and well attended.

Library and Data Carpentries are sibling organizations with slightly different foci. Data Carpentry has more of an emphasis on analysis skills, automation, and reproducibility, while Library Carpentry's emphasis is on software and data skills for library professionals. As our community grows, we hope to expand more into both of these areas. 

Software Carpentry at UC San Diego

UC San Diego is a member organization at the Silver level; this is brought to you in partnership by the UC San Diego Library, Research IT Services, and The School of Global Policy and Strategy. 

On an annual basis, we offer the following to the UC San Diego community -

  • Late Summer, Spring, and Winter 2-day workshops
  • Departmental or special request workshops for labs, etc.
  • Workshops taught in conjunction with academic coursework (GPS)

Getting Involved

Each Fall our membership allows for us to train and certify up to six new Software Carpentry Instructors who help support the growing need on our campus. As an Instructor, individuals strengthen their confidence through learning new skills, gain teaching experience in a classroom setting, and share their knowledge with fellow scientists and colleagues. Instructors who go through the certification training are qualified to teach in any of the three Carpentries.

Helpers are individuals within this organization that also support the classroom workshop efforts by assisting Instructors, monitoring the room for folks who might be stuck or need help, and moderate questions that may arise on the etherpad. They are familiar with the curriculum and are able to aid in software installation and do general troubleshooting. 

Building a Community

Through workshops offered and Instructors trained, we are building a community of engaged Software Carpentry expertise on our campus.

To support this, we organize -

  • Quarterly meet-ups for our Instructors and Helpers (Oct, Jan, April ,Aug)
  • Monthly Zoom calls (for months in between meet-ups)
  • Mailing list for Instructors and Helpers
  • New Instructor interest meeting (Sept - Oct)
  • Instructor Training opportunities (Oct - Dec)

Learn More

Are you interested in learning more about Software Carpentry? Contact us: