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What is Research IT Services?

Our team offers free Research Computing and Data (RCD) support and services to faculty, research staff, postdoctoral, graduate, and undergraduate students throughout all academic departments, schools, and divisions. A non-exhaustive list of our services include direct engagement and resource recommendations to faculty, assistance in integrating new technologies in the lab, development of demos or proof-of-concepts for researchers, and consulting to provide solutions toward advanced cyberinfrastructure and cloud service needs.


Our Team


Cyd Burrows-Schilling

Research Facilitator

Email: cburrows@ucsd.edu

With over five years of research facilitation experience, Cyd consults with researchers in all domains and assists to resolve a wide variety of research computing and data challenges. She specializes in helping researchers navigate the complex and ever-changing IT environment, identify advanced cyberinfrastructure resources, and right-fit services and technologies into effective and efficient workflows. Cyd works closely with researchers who are adopting commercial cloud platforms and has worked on projects requiring in-depth support and development.


Kim Thomas

Research Facilitator

Email: kkt008@ucsd.edu

Kim provides research IT consultations to UC San Diego researchers, advises researchers on workflow process improvement for their project, assists researchers with integration of new and existing technical tools, and helps researchers identify data storage and computing resources that best accommodate their projects. She works closely with researchers who utilize Research Cluster computing and those interested in leads the UC San Diego Carpentries Program in software and data management trainings in partnership with the UC San Diego Library.


Rick Wagner

Principal Systems Integration Engineer

Email: rick@ucsd.edu

Rick began his career using cyberinfrastructure as a tool for research in astrophysics, working on problems in cosmology and supersonic turbulence. His research was largely done on campus, NSF, and DOE computing resources, the same kinds of systems he later managed for SDSC. Rick took a break from UCSD to work for Globus at the University of Chicago, helping researchers with data management solutions. Now Rick is part of the Research IT team, helping to design solution for projects that cut across the campus and beyond it. He is also trying to smooth the boundary between cybersecurity and research, and was a 2021 Trusted CI Fellow.

Alan Moxley

Systems Integration Engineer

Email: amoxley@ucsd.edu

Alan provides support to UC San Diego researchers in a variety of areas, including proof-of-concetps, containerizing workloads, using compute clusters, and advising on the use of Cloud services. Alan also manages perfSONAR servers that measure network throughput on campus and Globus servers that facilitate the movement of research data.


Bryan Hill

Systems Integration Engineer

Email: bhill@ucsd.edu

Bryan provides support for research systems and software and is an embedded systems integration engineer in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. He builds proof-of-concepts, utilizing technologies such as cloud computing and software containerization. He also participates campus-wide projects and initiatives to assist researchers in their endeavors.


Harry Zhou

Systems Integration Engineer

Email: h3zhou@ucsd.edu

Harry manages the Research-IT website, provides data wrangling and scripting services for researchers, and teaches software carpentries as an instructor. He is also a graduate student researching transposon-mediated directed mutation in Saier Lab.

Claire Mizumoto

Director, Research IT Services

Email: claire@ucsd.edu

And, finally, the buck stops here. Claire works to remove hurdles for the Research IT team, at the same time, trying to stay out of the way of their progress. With a focus on gaps in services and support for researchers, she is dedicated to developing the Research IT program and to making continual improvements. With over 30 years of experience in higher ed IT, she participates in a variety of committees at the national level in the Research Computing and Data (RCD) community, including CaRCC and EDUCAUSE. She also is a Co-PI for the NSF RCD Nexus Center of Excellence demonstration pilot.

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