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"The Carpentries teach foundational coding and data science skills to researchers worldwide."

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What are the Carpentries?

The Carpentries is an international volunteer organization whose mission is to teach researchers basic lab computing skills that result in more productivity and higher reliability. Short, intense workshops are designed to help scientists work more efficiently on their research without being bogged down with the software. The Carpentries consists of three sub-groups - Software CarpentryData Carpentry, and Library Carpentry

Software Carpentry focuses primarily on understanding programming languages and ditigal tools commonly used with programming languages in research.  Library and Data Carpentries have slightly different foci that have more of an emphasis on analysis skills, automation, reproducibility, data transformation, and data mining. 


The Carpentries at UC San Diego

UC San Diego is a Carpentries foundation member organization at the Silver level; this is brought to you in partnership by the UC San Diego Library, Research IT Services, and The School of Global Policy and Strategy. Since the first UC San Diego hosted Carpentries workshop in 2015, our workshops have been widely received and well attended. 

The Carpentries @ UC San Diego is often the first introduction to programming and digital tool usage to which many UCSD researchers are exposed. The Carpentries has been a first step for hundreds of UCSD students, staff, postdocs, and faculty as they start their journey to learn more about digital technology skills and tools needed to move their research forward. Our training workshop include topics from all three Carpentries sub-groups and teach researchers skills they can apply to their research without the complex technical challenges. As our community grows, we continue to expand more into new topics offered by the Carpentries sub-groups. 

We offer both remote and in-person Carpentries workshops to the UC San Diego community mulltiple times a year, including:

  • June and December Bootcamps (4-Day)
  • UC-wide collaborative workshops series
  • Custom departmental and labs workshops (1 or 2 Day)
  • Workshops taught in conjunction with academic coursework (GPS)

Building a Community

We are building a community of engaged Carpentries @ UC San Diego instructors and helpers on our campus. Volunteer instructors and helpers are the core of our rogram and work together to teach data management and programming skills to the UCSD community. 

As an Instructor, individuals strengthen their confidence through learning new skills, gain teaching experience in a classroom setting, and share their knowledge with fellow researchers and colleagues. Instructors who go through the certification training are qualified to teach in any of the three Carpentries.

Helpers are individuals within this organization that also support the classroom workshop efforts by assisting Instructors, monitoring the room for folks who might be stuck or need help, and moderate questions that may arise during the workshop session. They are familiar with the curriculum and are able to aid in software installation and provide general troubleshooting. 

Getting Involved


Each year, our membership allows for us to train and certify up to five new Carpentries instructors who help support the growing need on our campus. We welcome potential instructors who are passionate about teaching technical literacy, giving back to the community, and helping move research forward. Becoming an instructor is a great step toward enhancing your own instructional and technical proficiency and helps you to become a more effective technical communicator.

To support this, we organize -

  • Mailing list for Instructors and Helpers
  • Quarterly instructor's meetings
  • New Instructor interest meetings
  • Certified Instructor Training opportunities (Fall/Winter)

New Instructors and Helpers - now recruiting!

Research IT Services is recruiting new instructors to fill four openings for individuals interested in becoming certified Carpentries instructors to teach foundational coding and data science skills using The Carpentries Foundation curriculums and methodology. The training to become an instructor is at no cost.

Please reach out to the Carpentries @ UC San Diego at if you are interested learning more or joining our program community of instructors or helpers. 

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